Dry-aging Kobe beef speciality restaurant "Pound"
Dry-aging beef that maximizes the taste of meat.
You can taste it to the world-class Kobe beef.
Please come when you visit to Kyoto
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
Generally, Aged beef is made from protein-rich red meat.Wagyu(Japanese beef) is’nt suitable for maturing because of its high fat. However, we wanted to make the most of the delicious taste of Wagyu, so we succeeded in making the most suitable variety for mature meat in cooperation with Hiramatsu ranch. Just for our restaurant, they gave our first-class cow’s mother original feed and kept original breeding methods for 10 months. As the result, it has become a Wagyu fat of a low melting point, and it’s now possible to provide a delicious Wagyu suitable for Aged meat.
02.Beef maturing fridge
At our restaurant only offer Wagyu maturing by dry aging method, in the largest beef-maturing fridge in Japan, under Mr. Sawa super vision who is a "Matured beef meister". That which has been fermented for a long time by the latest equipment with high-level sanitation control, can be eaten in the best condition by scraping off discolored spots, streaks and fats.
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
Kobe beef is the most rare type of Japanese beef, with only about 0.16 percent of beef consumed in Japan. We buy whole of Kobe beef and offering it to you after aging (dry aging). Matureing Kobe beef takes a lot of time and effort, so it's a rare and valuable food.Enjoy the one and only meat quality in various parts. Many customers said ,they are moved, surprised and able to dance.Please check the meaning and taste of Kobe beef matured.
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with steak
If you enjoy Pound's matured beef and Kobe beef with teppanyaki by professional
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with Yakiniku
If you enjoy casually Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef
If you enjoy Wagyu as much as you want
If you enjoy popular Kobe beef Gyoza and Takoyaki with champagne
Introduction of aged Yakiniku

I am always grateful for your help. PR in charge of Pound, the first mature meat store in Kyoto.
This time, we will introduce “Aged Yakiniku”, another flagship brand of Pound.

The main meat used is “aged meat” that has been aged by discerning dry aging, just like a steak house.

The big difference with steak

The parts are further subdivided, and we propose the best way to eat according to each.

◆ ………… Aged Yakiniku ……… ◆
Makimi Calbi
A popular menu that combines the flavor of Calvi with a special samurai sauce
690 yen

Fallen ribs
The meat between the ribs and the meat is attractive for its firm taste and juicy meat.
[Sauce / Salt]
780 yen (excluding tax)

Upper Calvi
The taste of rich aged Wagyu beef.
[Sauce / Salt]
1,200 yen (excluding tax)

Special Calbee
The most beautiful sashimi of the shoulder roses, it melts in your mouth.
[Sauce / Salt]
1,680 yen (excluding tax)

With moderate fat, the meat is soft and very popular with women.
[Sauce / Salt]
980 yen (excluding tax)

Special roast (use sirloin)
Use the sirloin of the well-known meat king.
[Sauce / Salt]
1,680 yen (excluding tax)

Mikomi red meat peach
A gem that uses well-balanced red meat
680 yen (excluding tax)

Rare site.
[Sauce / Salt]
890 yen (excluding tax)

It is a rare part with a very good balance between lean and sashi in a part of the outside meat.
[Sauce / Salt]
850 yen (excluding tax)

Three kinds of rice cake
Three kinds of meat were soaked in a secret sauce to bring out the softness and taste.
1,680 yen (excluding tax)

Kappa ribs
The more you chew it, the more it becomes a habit that the umami of meat will overflow.
450 yen

* Some stores may not be available, or prices may vary slightly.
The reference of the amount is the Kyoto station store.
Next time, we will introduce hormones and other special items. .

Aging Kobe beef

I am always grateful for your help. PR in charge of Pound, the first mature meat store in Kyoto.
This time, to mature “Kobe beef”.
Let’s touch on making so-called “aged Kobe beef”.
First about “Kobe beef”.

“Kobe beef / Kobe beef” is a Tajima beef produced in Hyogo Prefecture, and registered members (producers) of the “Kobe meat distribution promotion council”
Of the heifers and steers that have been shipped to the meat center in this prefecture, they are strictly examined by carcass rating.
The number of shipments is about 3,000 heads a year, and is the most rare Japanese beef breed with only about 0.16% of Japanese beef consumption distribution.

Even among “Wagyu”, which is highly appreciated in the world
“Kobe beef / Kobe beef” is particularly well-received, and one of the purposes of traveling in Japan
Some people come to Japan to eat “Kobe beef”.

Instagram’s #kobebeef has quite a few posts, some of which were taken at our shop.

Exporting overseas sells higher than consuming in Japan,
It is getting scarce every year in Japan.

At Pound, we buy one such Kobe beef and offer it after aging (dry aging).
Aging Kobe beef is very time consuming, time consuming and rare. Please enjoy the unique meat quality in various parts.
I am convinced that you will be able to dance with the excitement and surprises that match the price. Please confirm the meaning and taste of “Kobe beef is aged”.
Our shop is a specialty store for “dry aging” of “buy one” in Japan.
The Kobe beef we bought is thoroughly managed in “Temperature, Humidity and Wind Power” in a custom-made aging warehouse. To customers,
We want you to fully enjoy the umami of aged meat, and we will cook it with all your heart.

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