Dry-aging Kobe beef speciality restaurant "Pound"
Dry-aging beef that maximizes the taste of meat.
You can taste it to the world-class Kobe beef.
Please come when you visit to Kyoto
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
Generally, Aged beef is made from protein-rich red meat.Wagyu(Japanese beef) is’nt suitable for maturing because of its high fat. However, we wanted to make the most of the delicious taste of Wagyu, so we succeeded in making the most suitable variety for mature meat in cooperation with Hiramatsu ranch. Just for our restaurant, they gave our first-class cow’s mother original feed and kept original breeding methods for 10 months. As the result, it has become a Wagyu fat of a low melting point, and it’s now possible to provide a delicious Wagyu suitable for Aged meat.
02.Beef maturing fridge
At our restaurant only offer Wagyu maturing by dry aging method, in the largest beef-maturing fridge in Japan, under Mr. Sawa super vision who is a "Matured beef meister". That which has been fermented for a long time by the latest equipment with high-level sanitation control, can be eaten in the best condition by scraping off discolored spots, streaks and fats.
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
Kobe beef is the most rare type of Japanese beef, with only about 0.16 percent of beef consumed in Japan. We buy whole of Kobe beef and offering it to you after aging (dry aging). Matureing Kobe beef takes a lot of time and effort, so it's a rare and valuable food.Enjoy the one and only meat quality in various parts. Many customers said ,they are moved, surprised and able to dance.Please check the meaning and taste of Kobe beef matured.
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with steak
If you enjoy Pound's matured beef and Kobe beef with teppanyaki by professional
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with Yakiniku
If you enjoy casually Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef
If you enjoy Wagyu as much as you want
If you enjoy popular Kobe beef Gyoza and Takoyaki with champagne
Aged meat dry aging

I am always grateful for your help.
PR in charge of Pound, the first mature meat store in Kyoto.
Here we focus on matters related to “aged meat”
Various information and information on recommended dishes will be provided.

First of all, “aged meat” should be touched first.
As a company, you can’t help but touch the main content, “aged meat”.

There was also a boom for some time, and the word “aged meat” itself has spread throughout Japan.

Meat that has been aged for a certain period of time and condensed with umami, sweetness, and aroma. What is commonly called aged meat is a product of dry aging beef,
In the US, this is called dry aging beef.

However, there are actually several other aging methods
The so-called aged meat currently being offered in Japan is “aged” in four major ways.

The first is “dry aging”, which landed from the United States.
The second is the traditional Japanese technique “withering and aging.
The third is “wet aging,” which is stored in a vacuum package.
The fourth is ripening lactic acid bacteria, such as cheese and yogurt, and aging. Lactic acid bacteria aging. It is also said that the taste is different because of the different techniques.

Pound uses the first dry aging technique to make “aged meat”.

Dry aging is a ripening method that works on lean protein-rich lean. It is known as a technique to enhance the so-called “red taste”
In some cases, the fat content of beef can interfere with ripening. Therefore, it is said that general marbled meat, which is useful in Japan, and modern Japanese beef with improved breeds are not suitable for aged meat.

In fact, our founder Tokuyama always went to a steakhouse in New York whenever he went to the United States to sell Wagyu beef.
The steak I was eating there was exactly dry aging beef.
I was very impressed with the taste of American beef and I was talking with others.

On the other hand, I have been paying attention to this aged meat for a long time.

Tokuyama has fulfilled that dream, and it was the “Grand Mother Beef” of Hiramatsu Farm, a cow that no one can imitate.

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