Dry-aging Kobe beef speciality restaurant "Pound"
Dry-aging beef that maximizes the taste of meat.
You can taste it to the world-class Kobe beef.
Please come when you visit to Kyoto
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
Generally, Aged beef is made from protein-rich red meat.Wagyu(Japanese beef) is’nt suitable for maturing because of its high fat. However, we wanted to make the most of the delicious taste of Wagyu, so we succeeded in making the most suitable variety for mature meat in cooperation with Hiramatsu ranch. Just for our restaurant, they gave our first-class cow’s mother original feed and kept original breeding methods for 10 months. As the result, it has become a Wagyu fat of a low melting point, and it’s now possible to provide a delicious Wagyu suitable for Aged meat.
02.Beef maturing fridge
At our restaurant only offer Wagyu maturing by dry aging method, in the largest beef-maturing fridge in Japan, under Mr. Sawa super vision who is a "Matured beef meister". That which has been fermented for a long time by the latest equipment with high-level sanitation control, can be eaten in the best condition by scraping off discolored spots, streaks and fats.
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
Kobe beef is the most rare type of Japanese beef, with only about 0.16 percent of beef consumed in Japan. We buy whole of Kobe beef and offering it to you after aging (dry aging). Matureing Kobe beef takes a lot of time and effort, so it's a rare and valuable food.Enjoy the one and only meat quality in various parts. Many customers said ,they are moved, surprised and able to dance.Please check the meaning and taste of Kobe beef matured.
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with steak
If you enjoy Pound's matured beef and Kobe beef with teppanyaki by professional
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with Yakiniku
If you enjoy casually Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef
If you enjoy Wagyu as much as you want
If you enjoy popular Kobe beef Gyoza and Takoyaki with champagne
“Be patient because meat is fat” is wrong! ? Eat lean meat and try to burn fat!

Many women on a diet have strict dietary restrictions that eat only vegetables and yogurt. If you eat less and calorie, you may lose weight, but there are few benefits, such as simply losing water or rebounding.


To lose weight = To improve your style, you must ultimately burn fat. Exercise is important, but by consuming ingredients that support fat burning, you can efficiently aim for the ideal body ♪


The keyword is “beef lean”!


<“Meat is fat” was wrong! ? >


In the past, meat was treated like a diet enemy, but recently it has become widely known that meat is not a diet enemy. The opportunity for slender models to profess to eat less meat and less carbohydrates has increased.


Of course, depending on how you cook, such as over-eating and frying, you may be at risk for obesity.


However, if you look only at the substance contained in beef, it is an ally of diet and beauty style.


The lean part of beef is rich in the substance “carnitine”.
Carnitine helps promote fat burning when you exercise to burn fat and convert it to energy.


Even if you take plenty of carnitine, it is difficult to burn fat unless you sleep and stay at home all day long, but walking or commuting to 1 station or 2 stations! Anyway, you can expect smooth fat burning with the combination of body movement + carnitine.


This is not the case in some sports, but athletes tend to beef aggressively. Beef is an ingredient that you want to actively consume to exercise and convert the fat you eat into muscle.
If you do not exercise as much as an athlete, but are conscious of diet, aiming to improve metabolism, and aiming for healthy longevity! Why don’t you make full use of beef?


<If you have a steak, you can fully enjoy the charm of beef! >


The great appeal of beef lean is that it contains substances that support fat burning.
In addition, it is rich in protein, iron and zinc. In addition, beef contains substances that play a role in stabilizing the mind and can be expected to be depressed.


By the way, there is data that humans tend to have a positive mood by exercising, so it is expected that positive exercise and exercise of beef can have a positive effect not only on the body but also on the mind.


There are not so many attractive ingredients! ?


If you want to taste the beef as much as possible, we recommend a steak where you can enjoy the original taste of beef. With “pound” (pound), you can easily enjoy high-quality Japanese beef steaks with a good balance of lean and fat.


The beef you use that day can be checked through the cellar, so there is a sense of excitement before eating, and the curiosity that springs up will also be the nutrition of your heart ♪


Eat a steak for fat burning and for a delicious and enjoyable time!


We look forward to your visit.


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Improve immunity with beef and garlic! Garlic rice using aged meat is popular ♪

The popular menu of “pound” (pound), which has been favored by many customers as an aged meat steak specialty store, is the signboard steak!


Beef shows a completely different look depending on the part used even if it is a steak and a lump. The balance and softness of red meat and fat, the chewing response also change, and it is a fascinating dish that can be enjoyed all the time by tasting various parts.


Under such steaks, the garlic rice made with the original development recipe of “peep” is secretly gaining popularity among repeaters!


<I am happy with the effect of W on beef and garlic! Garlic Rice>


The ingredients of garlic rice use aged meat, and the flavor of garlic enhances the taste of beef.


Savory rice fills the stomach and brings happiness. And we can supply the nutrition of W of beef and garlic firmly ♪


<Beef = ingredients that are nice for improving immunity>


Recently I have heard more of the word “immunity”. There has been news that attention has been focused on yogurt and natto, which are rich in lactic acid bacteria to boost immunity. Certainly we want to actively supplement lactic acid bacteria, but we must not forget beef to improve immunity.


Beef that is hardly noticed in terms of nutrition. In fact, it has amazing potential!


Beef is rich in “protein”, “iron” and “zinc”.
Protein is the source of muscles and organs, and is also essential for shining hair and skin. In order to maintain a healthy and strong body, you need to take it firmly!


And iron and zinc play an important role in boosting immunity. Beef can not be overlooked to strengthen the body from the inside.


If you taste beef well with garlic rice while tasting with steak, you can ingest with W and it is ◎ ♪


<Nutrition of garlic>


Garlic used in garlic rice, like beef, is an ingredient that enhances immunity. Garlic has been used for a long time in recovering fatigue and improving immunity as there are garlic injections and supplements. Contains abundant substances that can be expected to prevent disease.


Unique odors also cause garlic to be avoided. Allicin emits a substance called allicin, which is very useful for improving immunity.


Allicin helps to absorb the essential nutrient Vitamin B1, helps with fatigue recovery and nutrition. In addition, it can be expected to prevent coldness by promoting blood circulation. It is said that “coldness is the cause of all illness”, but coldness is a risk of reducing immunity, so the body wants to warm up!


How about eating garlic and taking cold measures from the inside?


<Please pay attention to the garlic rice of aged meat ♪>


Garlic rice is included in a special course that is only available to two customers.


・ 3 types of hors d’oeuvres
·Caesar salad
・ Today’s soup
・ 2 recommended steaks
・ Garlic rice with aged meat
·ice cream


The above is the course lineup.
〆 We will provide garlic rice.


You can enjoy fresh vegetables and plenty of umami and juicy beef to your heart’s content.


This course is offered at 9,800 yen (excluding tax) per person.
Reservations are accepted until 21:00 the day before.


How about a meal time that makes your body happy, adding stamina with a steak, increasing immunity with garlic rice, and improving nutrition.


We look forward to your visit.


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