Dry-aging Kobe beef speciality restaurant "Pound"
Dry-aging beef that maximizes the taste of meat.
You can taste it to the world-class Kobe beef.
Please come when you visit to Kyoto
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
01.Raising the best Wagyu for dry-aging beef
Generally, Aged beef is made from protein-rich red meat.Wagyu(Japanese beef) is’nt suitable for maturing because of its high fat. However, we wanted to make the most of the delicious taste of Wagyu, so we succeeded in making the most suitable variety for mature meat in cooperation with Hiramatsu ranch. Just for our restaurant, they gave our first-class cow’s mother original feed and kept original breeding methods for 10 months. As the result, it has become a Wagyu fat of a low melting point, and it’s now possible to provide a delicious Wagyu suitable for Aged meat.
02.Beef maturing fridge
At our restaurant only offer Wagyu maturing by dry aging method, in the largest beef-maturing fridge in Japan, under Mr. Sawa super vision who is a "Matured beef meister". That which has been fermented for a long time by the latest equipment with high-level sanitation control, can be eaten in the best condition by scraping off discolored spots, streaks and fats.
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
03.Dry-aging Kobe beef
Kobe beef is the most rare type of Japanese beef, with only about 0.16 percent of beef consumed in Japan. We buy whole of Kobe beef and offering it to you after aging (dry aging). Matureing Kobe beef takes a lot of time and effort, so it's a rare and valuable food.Enjoy the one and only meat quality in various parts. Many customers said ,they are moved, surprised and able to dance.Please check the meaning and taste of Kobe beef matured.
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with steak
If you enjoy Pound's matured beef and Kobe beef with teppanyaki by professional
If you want to taste Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef with Yakiniku
If you enjoy casually Pound's maturing beef and Kobe beef
If you enjoy Wagyu as much as you want
If you enjoy popular Kobe beef Gyoza and Takoyaki with champagne
Dietitians also pay attention! Beef steak is an effective dish for colds

In the new life season, many people are more concerned about physical condition management than usual. Masks, hand washing and gargle are important, but they are not enough. It is also important to supplement the nutritional aspects that support the body from the inside!


There are various kinds of ingredients that are good for your body, such as vegetables, soybeans, and dairy products, but one thing to keep in mind is meat. Above all, “beef” contains abundant substances that require attention in physical condition management, and dietitians recommend that you eat in a well-balanced manner.


Surprisingly, beef is a recommended ingredient to eat when you have a cold.


<Beef power recommended by dietitians>


Beef is rich in proteins, iron, and zinc that humans need to consume in order to live. In particular, zinc is a substance that should be indispensable for improving immunity. It is expected that a good supply of zinc will speed up the healing of colds.


I was careful not to catch a cold, but I pulled it … How about eating beef so that you can heal quickly?


<Focus on steak when you have appetite even after catching a cold>


When you have no appetite due to a cold, something soft and easy to eat, such as porridge or jelly, is useful. However, if you have an appetite, it is recommended to try beef.
The image of eating beef during a cold … It is not established in Japan, so many people say, “I have no idea how to cook for a cold.”


In fact, the best way to cook when you have a cold is steak!


Steak is a simple cooking method that allows you to eat plenty of beef and enjoy the original taste of beef to the full. Efficient when you want to get the nutrition of beef!


By the way, if you eat too much beef, your stomach will tend to lean (especially during colds), but the fat contained in beef is not bad because it is easy to digest unlike ordinary oil used in cooking.


There is data that beef fat contains substances that make you feel positive, so it can be expected to have a depressive effect. While trying to improve the cold, you can expect to stay in the futon and feel more backwards.


Watch out for the potential of not only delicious beef!


A fin is a part that is relatively easy to eat even when it is cold with little fat. If you are worried about leaning your stomach, eat fin steak.
Beef is a strong ally in the new life season when you need to be careful about physical condition management.


<Beef with beef! >


“Listening” (pound) is an aged beef steak specialty store.
If you want to improve your immunity and pay attention to your meal! Why don’t you spend time to thoroughly enjoy a high quality Wagyu steak in “piano”?


You can check the condition of the beef for the day through the cellar and then select the part to be steaked.
If you find it difficult to understand the technical terms of beef, the staff will guide you to the perfect part if you can tell us your tastes, such as “I like red meat”, “I want to eat fat and fat well balanced”, “I like soft meat quality”.


Let’s take full advantage of the power of beef and spend the spring!


We look forward to your visit.


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A topical aged meat supports beauty and health! ? Let’s eat beef if it becomes beautiful!

Recently, “aged meat” has become a hot topic in Japan.


Beef leaning becomes softer, richer in flavor, and more fragrant by aging it in a dedicated facility by controlling humidity and temperature.


Originally there was a background that developed as a preserved food in Europe and the United States, but since it is so delicious it has become a familiar ingredient in high-end restaurants overseas.


Such aged meat is not only delicious! It has great potential to be good for “beauty” and “health”.


<A topical aged meat supports beauty and health! ? >


Some women with high aesthetics eat mainly vegetables and soybeans to avoid meat, but beef has nourishing nutrients that can be easily consumed because it is beef, which is very good for beauty.


In fact, among Western women with a dietary culture that eats a lot of meat, high-quality beef has a reputation for being “good for beauty.” The reason is that it contains abundant high-quality proteins.


Protein is composed of 20 kinds of amino acids. Amino acids are also familiar in supplements, but some people may not know that they can be consumed by eating beef.


Protein is not only a source of muscle, but also plays various roles.


★ Supports the creation of the neurotransmitter “serotonin” (effects: mental stability, relaxation, deep sleep).
★ Make glossy hair and beautiful nails.
★ Make strong bones.
★ Supports the production of enzymes that break down harmful substances in the body and substances that release toxins.
★ Improve immunity.


Beef is packed with beauties when it comes to beauty and health!


In addition, beef contains “iron” and “zinc” firmly. It is said that Japanese women have a high rate of anemia, but anemia tends to reduce their complexion and skin firmness. Eating beef firmly supplements iron and makes it easier to aim for changes in complexion and skin.


And because zinc supports metabolism, it is recommended for those who want to be young.


Various ingredients that are good for beauty and health can be consumed by eating beef.


<Although normal lean is good, the age of “aged meat” is coming! ? >


The nice ingredients of beef introduced so far are contained in ordinary beef, but if you want to consume it efficiently, it is recommended to eat aged beef!


By adding aged meat, the taste of red meat has been greatly increased. Because lean is less fat, it has more protein, vitamins and minerals than normal marbled meat.


Moreover, it is said that by aging for 40 days, the amount of amino acids increases 5 to 6 times the normal amount due to the action of enzymes in beef.


Amino acids make up proteins. Such amino acids increase 5 to 6 times than usual … This is a great advantage of aged meat!


Not only is the taste of red meat increasing, but also the nutrition that is the appeal of beef is increasing, so please pay attention to those who value diet for beauty and health.


<Aged meat cannot be overlooked for beauty and health>


Aged meat is attractive, but it requires special equipment and takes a lot of time to manufacture … it is very difficult to make at home.


If you eat aged meat, it is easy to order at the shop.


Aged meat that is familiar in high-end European and American restaurants. “Pound” (pound) specializes in steaks using aged Japanese beef. For beauty and health, why not enjoy the really delicious aged meat in our restaurant!


We look forward to your visit.


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